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Adventure Capitalist Cheats – Hack Free Gold Bars and Angels

Adventure Capitalist cheats hands you the ability to generate free gold bars and angel investors you need to gain more money and advance in the game.¬† By using the Adventure Capitalist hack tool strategically, it will be easy for you to grind your startup to the top spot. This online gold generator works for both Android and iOS including your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Adventure Capitalist app cheats are easy to use and follow without having to root, mod, or jailbreak your device. So if you find yourself in a sticky situation wherein you need gold bars desperately, this is an option that many players don’t know about but can benefit from.

Did you ever dream of having your own business? Being the master of your universe and always in control? Then Adventure Capitalist is the game just right for you. Adventure Capitalist is perhaps the best idle capitalism game simulator available now which is bizarrely addicting. This incremental video game is developed by Hyper Hippo Productions and published by Kongregate first for the Windows platform. However, On March 30, 2015 it became available for iOS, Android, OS X, Linux and Adobe Flash platforms. Adventure Capitalist is available for download on Google Play and the iTunes App store.

Hacking Gold Bars and Angels Like No Tomorrow

unlimited gold bars for Adventure CapitalistAdventure Capitalist players begin their quest to dominance by starting out in a single Lemonade stand wherein they click on the progress bar and invest in products until enough revenue is generated. In this game, the higher the revenue is the more cash the players can have. Adventure Capitalist lets players hire their own employees, purchase upgrades, control the market, and attract Angel Investors to boost their profits. Angel Investors are the primary way to increase your earnings and can be spent or sacrificed for Angel Upgrades. Using the gold bar cheats for Adventure Capitalist also gives you an option to generate more Angels for free. Now there is nowhere else to go but up in the market rankings

There are three areas wherein players can play on however they will eventually have to start on Earth. Once they accumulate 1 decillion (1 trillion) dollars on Earth, they can then move to the Moon or Mars and invest in those areas. Investing in these areas first needs to be unlocked but will take over 200 hours to do so. Players can opt to use cash, angel investors, gold that can be earned from Adventure Capitalist gold hack tool, and mega bucks to speed up the process. Gold bars are the major in-app purchases that are bought with real money. There are six gold bar packages that range from $1 to $100. ¬†Gold is then used to purchase special effects items like angel claim, x3 multipliers, and time warp. Mega Bucks on the other hand is bought with 1 decillion of an area’s currency which inflates every time.

During the holidays, players can benefit on special events and can be rewarded free gold and Mega Bucks to use. Achievements in the game come with badges that can be shown in the ‘Swag and Stats’ page. However, it is not enough to get free gold or free angel investors as rewards. Players will need unlimited amounts not to mention an Adventure Capitalist gold hack.

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