Gold screen after using the hack tool shown

Adventure Capitalist Cheats – Hack Free Gold Bars and Angels

Adventure Capitalist cheats hands you the ability to generate free gold bars and angel investors you need to gain more money and advance in the game.  By using the Adventure Capitalist hack tool strategically, it will be easy for you to grind your startup to the top spot. This online gold generator works for both Android and iOS including your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Adventure Capitalist app cheats are easy to use and follow without having to root, mod, or jailbreak your device. So if you find yourself in a sticky situation wherein you need gold bars desperately, this is an option that many players don’t know about but can benefit from.

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getting ready for mars mission

First Timers Guide to a Successful Mars Mission

If only life was like AdVenture Capitalist, you’ll know that it’s very easy to be rich. But in this game, you could even be the richest man not only in the earth but on other planets as well! The game has expanded to include the moon and now, there is a Mars mission as well which you could start playing.

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game interface showing angel investor claim page

5 Top Tips on Landing More Angel Investors

Miniclip’s Adventure Capitalist has surely been a hit among us whether capitalist at heart or just gamers since birth. Basically, the game guides you to become a millionaire or even a billionaire starting with a lemonade stand. This has been known as the greatest capitalism simulator in the world. In this game, you could hire employees, upgrade your own business, and later on, get the attention of angel investors. Now these ones are important in the game and to be successful, you should know a few tips and tricks on how to land more of them. Continue Reading